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How to get the most out of your tablet

I'm getting to show you ways to get the most out of your tablet during class and while you're studying. Here's what you'll need..
get the most out of your tablet
Get the most out of your tablet

Today, I'm getting to show you ways to get the most out of your tablet during class and while you're studying. Here's what you'll need:

  1. A Tablet.
  2. The network login info.
  3. A multiport HDMI adapter that connects to the USB-c port on my tablet.
  4. A trendy book cover.
  5. a compatible keyboard.

I will be using the Samsung galaxy tab s7 and therefore the included s-pen, therefore the steps could be a touch different counting on your device. All right, let's get into it.

This Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 has a 120-hertz refresh rate. a better refresh rate allows for smoother movement once you scroll up and down and side to side. this is often really beneficial for long-term use, as it's easier on the eyes.

It also has an 11-inch screen, which is basically helpful when it involves multitasking or watching videos.

How to check for system updates on your tablet

Before we dive in, it is often an honest idea to see for updates. Manufacturers like Samsung are always making improvements to their products. And keeping your tablet updated is that the best thanks to ensuring you're using the newest and greatest.

Let me show you ways to try to do that. First, swipe down from the highest of the screen then tap the gear icon to travel to settings. Swipe up to scroll and tap software update. Tap download and install.

We'll see if there are any updates available. it's like my tablet's all trapped.

However, if you've got one or a couple of, just follow the steps to put in them. Keep going until you see the message, "Your software is up to date".

How to check for app updates from the app store

It is also important to update apps from the Samsung galaxy store. Let me show you ways to try to do that.

From the house screen, tap on the galaxy store app, then, tap on the menu updates.

If updates are available, tap the button to update all of them.

To update your google play store apps from the house screen, tap on the play store app, tap the account icon within the top right and tap my apps and games. The play store will check for any updates. If any are available, tap the button to update them, and your tablet and apps should now be all up so far.

Apps that help with homework and studying

Now, on my Samsung, there are a couple of apps that I actually think are especially useful for doing homework and studying.

First, I'll show you dex, Samsung's desktop experience platform. Dex allows you to change your tablet's layout to seem a touch bit more just like the traditional desktop or laptop.

To launch dex from the fast panel, swipe it down from the highest then swipe down again to expand the fast panel. Tap the dex icon and you will see it crop up. I'll talk more about accessories in a minute, but if you're employing a book cover keyboard, you'll also launch dex from there. Just press and hold the function key and press the screenshot dex key.

With dex launched, you'll now see a more traditional desktop with icons for apps. There's an app launcher within the bottom left corner and any notifications will appear within the bottom right. You'll easily switch between apps and multitasking as they're open in resizable windows.

If you would like a touch more workspace, you'll also connect the s7 to an outsized screen, either wirelessly or employing a multiport adapter like this, and an HDMI cable.

I won't do this today, but it's really helpful if you would like more screens realistically.

Samsung devices have a very cool feature called one UI connectivity. Not only is it easy to share content across multiple devices, but the experience will feel equivalent. this is often true for a phone and a tablet and also for a pc and tablet.

I can easily use my tablet as a second monitor for my pc. Additionally to dex, Samsung notes may be a great app that permits you to feature notes directly into existing files and even pdfs with the s-pen or create your own documents.

How to use the Samsung S Pen

Speaking of the s-pen, let me tell you more about it.

First, the s-pen charges easily by magnetically attaching to the rear of my tablet. It's a low nine millimeters per second latency, which suggests that writing and drawing will feel smoother and more natural.

Additional accessories

Again, the s-pen was included with my tablet, but let me show you a couple of optional accessories which will really make an enormous difference.

A back cover like this helps protect it from getting scratched. Mine conveniently attaches magnetically. It also has two different viewing angles, so it is easy to regulate counting on where you're sitting. If you would like, you'll also get a back cover keyboard like this one.

It can protect your tablet, secure and charge your s-pen, and it attaches to the rear with magnets. But it also features a keyboard and trackpad, so you'll easily take notes and write documents. You'll even detach the keyboard and use the rear as a kickstand like this

How to take notes on your tablet

All right, now let's revisit note-taking. To require notes for the category using the on-screen keyboard, a book cover keyboard, or the s-pen, just open the Samsung notes app.

Then, tap the red icon within the lower right corner to make a replacement note. To settle on different page types, tap the menu within the top right, then tap page template.

There, you'll scroll through different page types like line, grid, dot, and more. to save lots of your notes as a pdf, word, or PowerPoint file, first, open the note that must be exported, then, tap the share icon within the top right, and tap your preferred file type.

You'll easily convert written copy to digital text. this is often really helpful, especially when it involves checking out it later. Pretty cool, right? and a bit like that, you'll write a report or an essay, reserve it as a document, and email it to your teacher all on your tablet.